American Goverment

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political advertising does in fact manipulate public opinions especially when voting. The political parties always try to pull the local people in their side by hook. By having advertisement of many media platforms, it help them get their message or concern reached out to people that haven’t really been paying much attention too (Nott, 2020). They try to influence and manipulate the people through unrealistic issues which can have a negative effect. Consumer product is similar to political advertising manipulation. It’s the same form of manipulative advertisement. They both use  facts, arguments, and information that work with the consumers emotions in a way that is completely misleading and in a deceptive approach. Internet search rankings manipulate us just like political advertisement. Whatever we search up whether about a person and in this case a consumer product well only receive the higher ranked results rather than lower ranked results which is used to manipulate us (Epstein, 2015). The media is very important for the American democracy. It informs the public about political issues, has forums for candidates, politicians, and the public to debate policies and issues, and lastly keeps an eye out on the actions of politicians and the government itself (Ginsberg, 2021).It does make a mockery of free elections. It makes presidential election and election of who the people like better based of who they are personally or by their past actions and so forth. Regardless of it being a mockery, the people still have the ability and are capable of looking past all the political advertisement. By doing so they are able to observe whatever candidate better for what they stand for.  People shouldn’t pay attention to the candidate’s past of whom they are but to pay attention to what that person is willing to fight for, stand up too, and support. If we the people are not able to choose our preferences freely then the democracy is nothing but a plain title. With that being said, the meaningless title would only make people feel better about themselves and their country.


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