American History Federalist And Anti Federalist

 HIST 201

Fall 2022

Critical Thinking Essay

Assignment Assessing Civics/Personal Development for GenEd SLO


It is in the very nature of democracy that there will be political discourse (speeches, writings, etc.) on the important issues of the day.  This is how a democratic republic works.  Opinions vary, positions differ, ideas evolve, depending on the issue. We take our Constitution as a given today, but it was controversial when it was written and sent out for ratification by the states.  This assignment will allow you to explore some differences in how the founding fathers saw the issue of checks and balances.



The Federalist No.51 and The Anti-Federalist No.51 (This one is a SATIRE)

To find the two documents, look under CRITICAL THINKING ESSAY in Moodle.


Instructions: For HIST 201 B and D, due on Friday, Nov. 18, or Monday, Nov.21 

For HIST 201 E, due on Wednesday, Nov. 16, or Monday, Nov. 21


  1. Follow all instructionsAll instructions are under CRITICAL THINKING ESSAY in Moodle.


  1. Format
  • The Essay should be 1-1½ typed pages: double-spaced, with standard margins, 12 cpi, and in Times New Roman font.


  • Only this title – “Constitutional Debates 1787-1788: The Federalist No. 51 and the Anti-Federalist No. 51” goes at the top of the essay. Do NOT put your name or any other information on the essay itself.  Turnitin identifies you in Moodle.


  1. On Line in Turnitin: You must post your essay only (no rubric, no name) in Turnitin by the due date.  Check Moodle under CRITICAL THINKING ESSAY to locate your access to Turnitin.


  1. Paper Copy with Rubric:  You also must turn in to me in class on the due date, a paper copy of your Essay with Rubric (filling out the information required) stapled to the front.


  1. Consult the Critical Thinking Rubric that I will post as you write and organize your essay.

Here are the 5 categories.

  • Introduction/Explanation of Issues: What documents are you considering? The focus is on the nature of the federal government.  What were the issues of concern in those documents?
  • Context and Assumptions: What did the Constitutional Convention and the Federalists believe and what positions did they take?  What did the Anti-Federalists believe and what positions did they take?
  • Evidence from Documents:  You should use specific examples from the documents that supports each side’s conclusions?  Use in-text (parenthetical) citations when you quote from the documents. For quotations from the documents in your essay, follow the quotation with (Fed. 51) or (Anti-Fed. 51).  Page numbers are not required.
  • Thesis/Position/Conclusion: Offer YOUR Whose position do you support?  Why?  Back up your position.
  • Sentence Structure, Mechanics, and Grammar: There should be no major errors in grammar, sentence structure, word selection and use, spelling, capitalization, or punctuation. If you quote from the article, use quotation marks and in-text (parenthetical) citations. Writing should demonstrate good paragraphing and organization, and should not be repetitious.  Avoid “fluff” (padding with unnecessary words, etc.)


  1. PROOFREAD.  Preferably read it out loud.  If it doesn’t make sense to you, it will not make sense to me.





  • NOTE: This is NOT a Research Paper. I do not want to know what others think about these documents; I want to know what you



  • Need help with understanding or writing (at any stage)? You know how to reach me in my office, Kaufman 209-J, or by email at [email protected]


  • You also have access to the following: The Write to Excellence Center offers tutoring in writing and reading comprehension in Kaufman 118 on the floor below our classroom.  Walk in or schedule online.




Note:  If you post more than 24 hours ahead of the due date, in 24 hours Turnitin will give you feedback on whether or not you may have plagiarized.  You can take it out if you think you need to; fix it; and repost it before the deadline.


Late papers will be accepted, but points will be taken off for lateness.  All late papers must be in by November 29th.