Dilemmas, American Life


Discussion Board Topic:  Using your text and the materials we have reviewed so far, and then doing online research to help formulate your answer (please use citations), create a process for identifying and resolving ethical dilemmas.

You can use a mashup of various ideas, or make your own entirely.  An example can be found at this link: http://www.acping.net/resources/articles/resolving-ethical-dilemmas-workplace.  Please do not not directly and do not use an idea without citing your work.


200-250 Words. APA format.



Discussion Board Topic: After reading the text and listening to This American Life, answer the following:  what was happening in Trenton?  How are the decisions being made, such as should we pay more or less taxes or should we remove more government, actually ethical decisions?  What “blueprint” can you use to make these determinations and what is the analysis you would follow?  How would the concept of utilitarianism be applicable to the situation in Trenton?

Heres the link:

What Kind of Country – This American Life    https://www.thisamericanlife.org/459/what-kind-of-country


200-250 Words.  APA format.