Ethical Theory: Mill, Singer , O’neil

Paper 2

Due April 4th  at 11:59 p.m.


Write your paper on one of the following prompts:


1) Compare and contrast Singer and O’Neill arguments. How are their approaches different? State which ethical theory seems more correct. Provide an argument in support of your position.


2) Point out a weakness of one of the short pieces on ethics we read in class (Mill, Singer, or O’Neill). Provide a counterargument or criticism. Attack the author’s view or defend it in light of the counterexample/criticism you provide.


You may use direct quotes from the text if they are short and cited. Please do not saturate your paper with quotations. If a quotation is more than 3 lines, summarize and cite. 

Outside sources are allowed, provided they are cited. 



How it should be written:

  1. Make your stance/ argument clear in your introduction.This means your introduction should include a thesis statement. 
  2. This paper should be about 2-5 pages in double spaced12pt Times New Roman font. Length is not as important as content.
  3. You must cite your source(s). Quotations should beshort and  Again, please do not saturate your paper with quotations.
  4. Please use cite CHICAGO STYLE.




  • Read assignment for Paper 2
  • Submit your outline for Paper 2 herebefore you submit Paper 2.
  • Let me know what topic you are writing on with your outline title.
  • Highlight or underline your thesis statement. 
  • If you are creating your own paper topic, you must submit your outline or contact me at least 24 hours before you submit Paper 2.
  • If you have questions about your outline or the assignment feel free to write those at the bottom or add them as comments on your submission.









OPTION 1: You will need these two articles.

  • You will need “Feminine, Affluence, and morality by Peter singer (PG 466)
  • Kantian approaches to some famine problems by Onora O’Neill (PG 510)


OPTION 2: You will need all three articles including this one.

  • Hedonism but John Stuart Mill (PG 258)


Please let me know if you have issue accessing the articles.