Training Plan

Objectives are vital to the design of any training plan. They outline exactly what you expect your trainees to be able to do and know after being trained.

After watching the video “How to Write Learning Objectives Using Bloom’s Taxonomy”, review Bloom’s Wheel  Download Bloom’s Wheel.

For this assignment: 

  1. Give a brief overview of your training plan topic and background. Remember you can create a fictitious company and training. Try to make this project work for you!
  2. Create at least one lower-order and one higher-order learning objective. You will use these Learning Objectives as part of your Final Project. These objectives will be the foundation on which you will build your plan. As you design it, you might add more objectives (particularly as you dive into the task analysis next week and pick the particular knowledge and skills needed by the trainees).
    1. Your objectives should be actioned-based and use the action verbs proposed in Bloom’s Taxonomy.  For example, this week in this course you have two objectives:
      • Develop specific and measurable objectives as a result of a needs assessment.
      • Create objectives based upon Bloom’s Taxonomy relevant to a training plan to satisfy a need within an organization.
    2. Avoid generic words and phrases such as “learn,” “understand,” and “know.” Instead, focus on how you will measure and prove that your trainees have mastered the content.

Please make sure that you adhere to all APA standards: each submission should include a cover page, a reference page, and include appropriate in-text citations (if applicable when using information taken from other resources). See the APA Resources page for more assistance.