Uc4 Due 3/18

Unit 4 focused on different police strategies and tactics for addressing crime problems. For your Unit 4 Complete section assignment, write an essay (minimum of 1,200 words and at least three scholarly sources) in which you address the questions below.  Your essay should also incorporate both the READ and ATTEND sections of Unit 4 and you MUST cite your sources in APA format.

  • Identify and explain the three traditional police strategies used to deal with crime.
  • Using the textbook and internet sources, give an overview of the Kansas City Preventative Patrol Experiment (KCPPE).  Detail the findings and analysis of the is controversial experiment.
  • Are there modern changes to policing that would create different results if the KCPPE study were done today or do you believe we would see the same results?  Justify your answer.
  • Based on research and the outcome of the KCPPE, do you believe police agencies should eliminate random patrols, preventative patrols, neither, or both.  Explain your response.