Unit V Article Review Production

Understanding The Automotive Assembly Process

Read the following article from the Automotive Training Centre.
Automotive Training Centre. (2014, April 8). Understanding the automotive assembly process [Blog post]. http://www.autotrainingcentre.com/blog/understanding-automotive-assembly-process/
Pay particular attention to how the industry applies process strategy to its production.
Write at least a two-page review of the article, and address the points below.
What is the basic theme of the article?
How has the use of the assembly line by the industry changed over time?
What are some layout impacts of technological breakthroughs?
Based on recent trends, how do you see automotive production evolving?
The purpose of this assignment is for you to explore how process strategy has evolved in a major industry.
Use APA style to format your article review. Support your responses with concepts from the unit readings and at least one other source. Be sure to reference your sources to document your research. Proofread your work, and then submit your assignment to Blackboard for grading.