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Milestone Two of Final Project Part I is due by the end of this module. In this discussion, post your draft of Milestone Two as a PDF to get feedback from your peers on this assignment before submitting it by the end of the module week. Make sure all elements are laid out so that they are visible to your peers. The more complete your draft is, the more helpful your peers can be in their feedback.

When reviewing your peers’ work, you are looking for what your peers have done well, explaining why you think it was well done. You should also point out things that confuse you or did not accurately convey the message.

To complete this assignment, review the Module Three Peer Feedback Guidelines and Rubric PDF document.

3-2 Activity: Color Palettes Assignment for this assignment, create four color palettes by creating colored squares in Photoshop that illustrate four of the color schemes listed in the rubric for this assignment.
Feel free to use tints, shades, and tones of the hues you choose in your color palettes.
To complete this assignment, review the Module Three Activity Guidelines and Rubric PDF document.

3-3 Final Project Part I Milestone Two: Color and Photography Selection


Task: Submit to complete this assignment

In this milestone, you will continue working on the file you created in Module 2. Select your color and/or pattern, and a series of photographs. Choose a color and/or pattern series for your final composition. Additionally, find a series of five photographs you might want to incorporate in this final work.

Here is a guide to selecting photos while following copyright laws. Use the guide to help select your photos.

Submit your color and/or pattern selection and your five photographs as a Photoshop (PSD) file.

To complete this assignment, review the Final Project Part I Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric PDF document.