Urban Research

Each student is required to explore Savannah to identify an issue in the city that they would like to address (for example, littering or lack of sidewalks or even lack of healthy food sources). You will need to document the issue that you are addressing (photos, videos, interviews, news articles, etc.).

Your problem statement should contain the following information:

  1. What is the problem you identified?
  2. Where and when does the problem arise?
  3. Who does the problem affect?
  4. What are the main negative effects of the problem you identified?
  5. Why is this a problem that needs to be addressed?
  6. What will happen if the problem is not solved?
  7. Who will feel the consequences?
  8. Does the problem have wider relevance (e.g. are similar issues found in other contexts)?
  9. What are some recommendations that you have to address the problem?

The problem statement should be at least 2 double-spaced pages long, with Times New Roman 12pt font and 1-inch margins. Pictures (or other non-written content), title and reference pages are not included in the page count.

See https://www.scribbr.com/research-process/problem-statement/ for additional guidance