Week 3db Cled 815

Week 3 db  cled 815


Read: Caro: Chapter 10

Read: Caro: Chapter 11

Read: Caro: Chapter 12

Read: Caro: Chapter 13

Read: Caro: Chapter 14

Read: Shapiro & Stefkovich: Chapter 7

Read: Shapiro & Stefkovich: Chapter 8

Read: Shapiro & Stefkovich: Chapter 9

Watch: Who is the Christian Leader?

Watch: Christian Leadership Ethics Paper Assignment Instruction

Discussion Thread: Time Off and Scholarships


This is a graded discussion: 75 points possible

due Mar 31

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After reading Shapiro & Stefkovich, post your initial thread by choosing one of the case studies from your reading. Address either Case Study 7.3 or Case Study 9.6. Be intentional to reflect a biblical worldview as you respond to your chosen case study.