Week 4 Cled 815

Ethics Paper: Annotated Bibliography Assignment Instructions



Throughout the class, you will work on an Ethics Paper. This paper will identify an ethical issue and speak to the need for a biblical approach to the selected topic. Throughout the course, three specific assignments will focus on the Ethics Paper:

  1. Ethic Paper: Proposal Assignment
  2. Ethic Paper: Annotated Bibliography Assignment
  3. Ethic Paper: Final Draft Assignment



Compose an Annotated Bibliography of at least 20 works related to the Ethics Paper. These sources must relate to the paper you intend to write. You can still take the paper in a different direction later, but for now, go ahead and research and present a bibliography.


This Annotated Bibliography must begin with an introductory paragraph of 75–125-words explaining the intended focus of the paper. This introductory paragraph must include the thesis statement. This thesis may change for the final paper, but for now, provide an anticipated thesis statement.


Following that paragraph, provide a bibliography of at least 20 related works. Among those 20 works, the bibliography must contain:

  • at least five books
  • at least five journal or magazine articles; and
  • no more than three websites.


For each annotation:

  • Include a sentence that introduces/overviews the author of the resource
  • Provide a 125–150-word description for each source explaining the general content of the source and
  • Provide a 50–75-word explanation of how you anticipate the source relating to or contributing to the research of your topic.


This assignment must be in current APA format.


Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plag