Wk8 Case Study: Reflection And Planning

Wk8 Case Study: Reflection and Planning Write a 1,000-1,500 word paper including the following headings and content:

  • In Review – Reflecting on this course, what 3-4 insights have stood out to you or been most helpful in your development?
  • Planning Forward – As you look forward, what are 2-3 research ideas you could consider because of your interest or access to data?
  • References:
  • Include at least eight (8) references from materials used in this course.

Include at least four (4) QCRs (Quotation, Citation, and Reference) and at least four (4) more PCRs (Paraphrase, Citation, and Reference)

  • Paraphrase or Quotation
  • Citation (In-text APA)
  • Reference (APA at the end of the paper in the final section)