Job Responsibilities


The position will work closely with customers and the following roles;

Success Factors:

Exceptional listening skills, problem investigation and analytical abilities

Great presentation and training skills (both written and oral)

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Understanding and working knowledge of business and accounting processes

Curious and creative mind, thirst for knowledge, and constantly adaptation to new challenges

Self-motivated and the ability to work independently and as a team member

Attention to detail and organizational skills

Good time management skills and ability to efficiently prioritize tasks

Exhibit a high level of energy, urgency, engagement, and accountability (zero excuses)

MS Excel proficiency and reporting tools





Job title – Business Process Specialist

Describe your ideal job including responsibilities, goals and work environment.

What provides you with job satisfaction?

What one skill would you like to improve and what is your plan to accomplish that improvement?

Salary and benefit requirements (pay between 50k – 80k)